Beaumonde is the fifteenth planet orbiting Kalidasa and is home to factory complexes and large ranches. Heavily industrialized, the planet is considered to be the manufacturing hub of the system. Its largest cities are ringed with factory complexes that churn out a wide variety of goods. Unfortunately, those factories, and the weather control systems that help the planet live up to its name, also produce large amounts of pollution. Much of the planet’s industrialized regions are covered in a dense haze of smog.

Out in the countryside, however, the situation and environment are both very different. Farmers and ranchers can make a fine living, so long as they keep pollutants out of their water supply.

At last count, Beaumonde’s population was 184,000,000, and it is considered the capital of the Kalidasa region. Many citizens of Beaumonde bristle at the notion that their homeworld is considered a border planet. The Atoll Plaza spaceport is almost as infamous as Persephone’s Eavesdown Docks.

Beaumonde has one moon, named Hastur.

Locations of Note

Atoll Plaza
Blue Sun Factory Complex
New Dunsmuir
New Huntsville


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