Bellerophon is a Central Planet, the tenth world orbiting the White Sun.

Bellerophon is home to the private estates of some of the ’Verse’s wealthiest citizens. Many of these estates float high above the surface of the planet’s oceans. Each estate is a functioning town unto itself, with servants and security guards aplenty. The airborne estates all share similar design features, including an automated rubbish collection system that sees their trash whisked away to incinerator complexes far from public view.

Prior to the Unification War, Bellerophon was lightly populated and its citizenry held Independent sympathies. In August of 2508, a six-week Alliance campaign ended with Bellerphon’s capitulation at the city of New Madrid. The planet’s inviting climate and close proximity to rock-solid Alliance worlds made it an ideal playground for victorious Alliance officers and their families. The nouveaux riche followed close behind.

Landing on Bellerophon is now restricted to those who own property planetside, and those who cater to them. Luxuries and sundry items alike all are imported to the floating estates directly; there is no home-grown economy to speak of, save the service sector.

The skies are swarming with Alliance law enforcement patrols and a number of private security firms are employed by the rich and reclusive who wish for nothing to disturb their island tranquility.

Bellerophon has three moons: Tyrins, Xanthus, and Parth.

Locations of Note

Baron Otello Estate
Haymer Estate
Isis Canyon
New Madrid


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